This Old House editor, Scott Omelianuk pops open a bottle of champagne for the New Year
Photo: Michael Lewis
Letter from This Old House,January/February, 2010

I held up the photo from this issue's Letter From This Old House and asked my wife, "Why is the man in the picture popping the cork?"
"Because you finally managed to finish one project before starting another?"
"No," I said.
"Because you went to the hardware store and bought the right thing the first time, didn't have to go back, and didn't have to return it?"
"Uh, no," I said.
"Well, by the clock on the wall it's almost the stroke of midnight, so it could be to toast the New Year."
"Yes," I said, " 'Auld Lang Syne' and all that. But, no, that's not why either."
"Okay, then, how about because you've made it through another 12 pages of calendar and I haven't divorced you yet—though I'm going to if you keep making me play this guessing game."
"Okay, okay," I said, "I'll tell you." I know when not to push my luck, and causing the most delightful person I know to divorce me would be bad luck indeed.

And, truth be told, opening the champers has nothing to do with me or her or the usual subject of this column: our never-ending renovation and the choices (some would say mistakes) that I make that cause it to never end. In fact, the bubbly is for toasting the success of someone else’s remodeling: yours!

Yup, I want to raise a glass to all of you because your work, your DIY derring-do, earned This Old House a fine reward. We just learned that Folio magazine has recognized the 2009 Reader-Created Issue, aka Your Old House, with an Eddie Award for best issue of a consumer magazine. Great, huh?

So kudos to Dorian and Elaine Walker, who provided us with the remodel of the year. Cheers to David Burton, who proved that not just a tree but a whole garden can grow in Brooklyn. A salute to Ed and Joan Serafino, who managed their remodel from Ed's hospital bed; to David and Becky Britt, who showed us that you can make a home for young people who don't have one of their own; and to Sara and Andrew Taylor, who took the second plunge: remodeling right after getting married.

Congratulations to all of you and every single one of the hundreds of other readers who helped create the best issue of TOH we've ever published.

Of course, we'll need to do it again. And better. With bigger awards. How about next year we go for an Emmy? Yes, that means we'll have to turn the thing into a TV show, but with your DIY skills that shouldn't be a problem ...
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