gift wrapping station
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn
Admit it: Your stash of gift wrap and ribbon is a jumble in the back of your closet. But if you've got a bookcase with removable shelves, you've got a place to wrangle rolls of paper, tape, and crafts supplies.

The How-to:

1. Screw a frame of 1x strips inside the back of the bookcase (this one kept its partitioned bottom shelf).

2. Then secure the bookshelf to the wall with deck screws driven through the framing into the wall studs.

3. Fasten ¼-inch pegboard to the frame with cabinet screws.

4. Paint the whole unit.

5. Once it's dry, add hooks and accessories (Aubuchon Hardware has a good selection), and you've created a tidy work area that keeps wrap within reach.
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