Vital Information

What's the cost?
Pavers typically run $2–$10 per square foot. A pro installation, including base prep and materials, is $6–$15 per square foot.

DIY or hire out?
With a little muscle, you can tackle a path or small patio. For driveways or large projects, hire a pro.

Do they hold up?
Interlocking pavers offer a lifetime warranty for structural integrity. But few architectural slabs have warranties.

Where can they go?
They're all suitable for footpaths and patios, but, in general, only interlocking pavers work on driveways. Where rain runoff is a problem, use permeable pavers

Easy to care for?
Absolutely—they're concrete. An occasional sweeping and weeding is all the care pavers ever need. If you want to keep that just-laid look, be prepared to scrub off stains or mildew. In snowy climates, use nonchloride deicers.
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