grass zone map
Grass zone map

What You'll Learn

  1. North Zones
  2. South Zones

South: Zones 2, 3, 4

•Growing season starts. Mow 3 inches high (1 to 2 inches for Bermuda grass). Leave clippings on lawn.
•Apply first dose of fertilizer.
•Treat for crabgrass with pre-emergent herbicide or corn gluten.

•Plant seed.
•Dethatch and aerate.

•Water if rainfall is below 1 inch a week.
•Fertilize six to eight weeks after first dose.

•Treat for fungus, if necessary.
•Fertilize six to eight weeks after second dose.

Late August–September
•Mow and water until grass turns brown.
•When grass greens up again, apply final dose of fertilizer.

•Rake leaves.
•Continue mowing until grass stops growing.

Pro Advice: Roger Cook, This Old House Landscape Contractor says, "To find out how much water a sprinkler delivers in an hour, place empty coffee cans on the lawn and run the sprinkler for 15 minutes. Pour collected water into one can and measure its depth. Divide by the number of cans and multiply by 4 to get the inch-per-hour rate. Then you'll know how long to water to make sure grass gets 1 inch a week, ½ to 1/3 inch at a time."
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