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Cost to install
Seed: Sow for $10.50 per 1,000 square feet.
Hydroseeding: Hire a pro to spray seed, fertilizer, and mulch for $80 to $100.
Plugs: Plant chunks of warm-climate grasses for $100 to $150.
Sod: Lay for $300 to $500.

Cost to maintain
Lawn service: A pro fertilizes, controls weeds and pests for $400 to $600 per 1,000 square feet a season.
DIY: Two to three hours of labor a season plus $150 to $200 in supplies.

How much water?
Figure about 1 inch a week, ½ to inch at a time. Some grasses need more, some less.

How much sun?
Lawns do best with at least four hours of direct sun a day. Plant groundcover in areas that receive less than two hours.

When to mow
Wait until grass is at least 3½ inches high. Tall turf needs less water, discourages weeds, and develops deep, drought-resistant roots.

Which grass is best for your area?
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