Save Time

22. Cut with two blades
It's hard to start a hacksaw on a bolt or rod without jumping off your line. Solution: Put two blades on your hacksaw frame, with the teeth pointing in opposite directions. Not only will your saw stay on its line, but it will also cut faster, on both the pull and the push strokes. —Walter Crossmon, Rutland, Vt.

23.Find tools in a flash
Stick automotive reflective tape onto tool handles, cell phones, or other small items that are easy to misplace. You'll be able to find them by shining a flashlight around your work area. —Allen Pederson, Mabel, Minn.

24. Locate studs fast
A contractor at my workplace uses an inexpensive stud finder made by tying a string to a cow magnet, the really powerful kind that's fed to cattle to keep barbed wire and other metal out of their systems. You dangle the magnet next to the wall and it sticks to any nearby nails or screws. —Marie Clark, Baltimore

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