I just found time to sit down with TOH and read the comments from William. I thought he was a little hard on you. I think you and your staff do a great job presenting how-tos and how to avoid bad situations. By the way, I have come to the conclusion just to include three to five trips to the hardware store with each project. Keeps me from getting to angry with myself. Anyway, thought I would drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoy your magazine.

I just read your letter in the April issue telling us about the letter you received from William, the unhappy builder. Your letter is the first page I read when TOH arrives in the mail. I enjoy your stories and tales of home improvements gone awry.
Bob Fisher

I appreciate your monthly editorials. We're all trying our best, even the big guys.

You should know that yours is the only editor's column that I ever read in magazines. I enjoy your writing, laugh and identify with your misadventures, and wish we lived closer so you and your wife could hang out with me and my husband and maybe go bowling or something. Mr. William Grumpy-Puss, Dove-Joint-Wedgie-Tuckus, Full-Fledged Curmudgeon is, well, all of the above. If you ever come to Houston, drop me a line and we'll treat for Chuy's Tex-Mex.
Keep stripping screws,
Ce Ottenweller

I just want to write in to let you know that when I get a new This Old House magazine, the first page I read is yours. I admit I read it for entertainment, but I also sympathize. I am a Union Carpenter working in the Chicago area. I also love old homes with all their warmth, character, and problems, sucking all the money out of my pockets. Sometimes when I am trying to fix one thing I end up creating two or more problems. Keep on writing your pages, and never mind Mr. William.
Dan Ormond
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