I just read your opening in the most recent TOH magazine and wanted to present a dissenting voice to William. In my opinion, we fans of TOH get hundreds of pages and many hours each year of expert advice on home improvement. It's refreshing to read your opening editorials each month, hitting us with a little dose of reality (in that self-deprecating style we appreciate so much). So even though it seems retirement is not in the cards for you anyway, I for one would be extremely disappointed to see the reins of the magazine handed over any time in the near future. I'm loving the new setup of the magazine, and TOH is the one magazine subscription that I have kept. So keep up the good work, and be encouraged that William is not the voice of all of your readers!

I just received my latest issue (April) of TOH magazine in the mail. I've been a TOH fan for years, ever since its early days on PBS with Bob Vila. I enjoy your monthly personal article featured in the magazine. Like most of us who watch the TV program and read the magazine, you are like us and not all our projects run smoothly. The letter from William sounds like he is a frustrated contractor. I understand that some contractors are now having a hard time finding full-time work. They feel that DIY homeowners are hurting their prospects of getting jobs. While shopping at my local home-improvement stores, I sometimes get funny looks from some of these types of guys. They forget we all have a harder time now. Please keep writing about your weekend projects in your Hoboken brownstone. The new magazine format is great.
TOH groupie, Sue

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