Your inbox is going to be lopsided with opinions about William wishing for your retirement. I can't imagine many agreeing with him. You are one of us. There are so many who have been there, done that when you underestimate, overspent, etc. Please don't change. Keep telling it like it is.
Alice Wagner

Sorry that William does not appreciate your monthly article, but I thought I'd let you know that your page and Save This Old House are the first pages I read in the magazine. I can relate to your challenges and appreciate your sense of humor. I know when I watch Norm, Tom, Roger, Kevin, and the other TOH experts making things look easy and perfect that the producers are showing the ideal situations. The ideal is rare! As far as I'm concerned, you get my vote of confidence, and if you ever get to visit my old house, I'll have cold beer and a fine cigar ready for you in your honor. Keep up the good work!
Jim Waldon

I just received the April issue of TOH magazine. Don't mind William. He has plenty of things to keep him busy. Please keep writing your editorial as it keeps me amused every month. I work full-time, have two teenage boys, and my husband doesn't really know where our property starts or ends. All home improvements are on me or a contractor, so I basically complete one "weekend" project a year. I love your magazine, because it gives me so much hope for my home.
Diane Blaum

I recently read in the magazine of a fella who gave you a low job-approval rating. So, I decided to write you a letter to encourage you and to say you are doing a good job. My wife and I own a coffeehouse, and I also work a full-time job. This Old House magazine is a place I can go to to dream of what I would like to do to our house. I really enjoy reading the tips and hints and all the rest all the way to the back cover—just to see what house is selling for a dollar this time. The very first thing I go to though is Letter From the Editor. When I'm fixing things, my wife says it takes me two to three times to get it right, and it's nice to know I am not alone. Keep up the good work; you're appreciated. Thanks for sharing parts of your life with us and adding that personal touch.
Adam and Eve Judy (yes, our real names)
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