I recently read you letter titled "The Man Has a Point". I was somewhat disturbed that someone could have so much negativity aimed toward your articles. Personally, I look forward to your articles every month. In fact, your article is second only to Save This Old House on my list of what I read first, second, and so on. I usually end up following my wife around reading your article to her wile she prepares dinner the evening the magazine arrives. I have been a subscriber for almost 10 years and still have many of those issues stashed away in the basement. The reason I enjoy your articles is that you bring the everyday man into the equation. The two trips to the hardware store, a ladder collapsing underfoot—these events sound all too familiar. I just wanted to let you know that some of your readers are just common everyday DIY kind of people and enjoy your articles and look forward to hearing your next adventure in home renovation. By the way, my all-time favorite was the acrobatic tumble off the ladder with the rosette in hand. I had a similar stunt, but instead of a rosette I had a running chainsaw in hand. Luckily, I somehow turned my graceful tumble into a forward roll, planting the saw on the ground and pushing off from it like an Olympic gymnast. For a 210-pound guy, I'm sure it was a real sight. With a quick look around to see if anyone saw, I gathered myself and my saw, and back to work I went. Keep up the good work.
Richard Blomberg

Take heart that not all of us are critical of your abilities. We appreciate your candor, which afflicts us all!
Darryl and Sue Harrington

Each year my grandchildren coerce me into subscribing to magazines to fund their school projects. I chose This Old House as one of them. TOH is the only magazine that survives the recycling bin, and I am on my fourth renewal. The main reason is, I look forward to reading your letter. Your response to William in the April issue was accurate and to the point and, I think, a bit too generous. His pretense at literary skill belongs in the trash, which is where I would have filed his letter. Keep up the good work.
Vince Addamo
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