I just received my latest issue of TOH and wanted to let you know that the very first thing I do with every new issue is read your letter, Scott. I so enjoy your stories that share your human side. It's refreshing to read each month of your latest adventure, even if there is a screw-up. That, to me, is helping your readers not make the same mistake that you so willingly share. I felt bad knowing a subscriber, William, wrote you such a negative, unnecessary letter. You know the old saying: "If you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut!" Well, need I say more! He prompted this note, which is the very first time I've ever sent a letter to the editor. I think you do a fantastic job. We love the magazine. My husband and I live in a 100-plus-year-old home that once was a funeral home (no, it's not haunted) and when we moved here, it had a huge garage long enough to hold a horse-drawn hearse. We tore down the garage a few years ago, and we continue to remodel the inside of this grand place. (There is a drywaller working in one of the bedrooms as I write this). Many of your ideas and articles have helped us throughout the past couple of years, and I thank you for that. Because we try to do all of our remodeling ourselves, your magazine fits perfectly with our life. I look forward to every issue, and I pray this bad economy has no effect on your wonderful publication. Keep up the good work.
Jodi Smith, a many-a-time-frustrated homeowner you have helped

A brief history: I am 50 years old, grew up helping my grandfather on his rental houses, and remodeling and building for many people in the area. "Paw-Paw" taught me a lot. When I bought my home, it needed a lot of fixing up. Most of it I knew but a lot I learned along the way (my wife says I'm no plumber). To the point, I read your editor letter from William. Well, I subscribe to a half-dozen magazines, buy another half-dozen at the bookstore, get a few more from the train store. I read the editor's letter in just one of all these: yours. I've watched This Old House from the start. I was a subscriber to the magazine from the first issue and have kept every one. I remember reading your first letter and thinking, This man's different! I enjoyed it. It was good to find out someone was human and made mistakes. Now I read your letter first. Not because it's in the front, but because I enjoy it, look forward to the humor.
Steve Keeney

P.S. Your 401K sounds like mine.

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