You letter about William had me laughing out loud. This happens often. I'm known to reread your letters just for a chuckle. I love that you're a human being like the rest of us. Keep up the honesty. I for one love it. Even if William doesn't. Here's to another trip to the hardware store!
Jessica Abernathy

I just wanted you to know that I don't agree with the letter from William. While he might expect an editor to provoke professionalism and infallible projects, This Old House provides plenty of expertise with Norm, Tom, Richard, Roger, and Kevin in the pages of the magazine. My husband and I fight over the issue of TOH when it arrives, and your article is our favorite. We love that you are not a home-improvement expert, just like us. We do expect the humor and stories of failed projects, mistakes, and lessons learned, because if we don't keep the humor we would never do any of these projects—or stay married. We almost divorced when we installed crown molding in our last home. Once the project was completed and our hurt feelings mended, my father informed us that the molding was installed upside down! Needless to say, we are still married eight years later. We don't live in that house anymore, and I can only assume the crown molding still hangs upside-down. Keep up the good work, Scott.
Tracey Bowman

I just finished reading your editorial in the April issue of TOH. I have to say that I totally disagree with William. Starting each issue with your entertaining writing style is what I look forward to most. I am an architect and my husband is an engineer, and we can totally relate to your comical tales of home renovation. We have a circa-1844 Pennsylvania farmhouse that has a long to-do list. Now, since there is an engineer involved with these renovations, this list is typed and prioritized. But we often stray from the list, depending on what fails at what time or my fancy moves us to jump ahead. This said, here are two licensed professionals who will be the first to admit that we change our minds, blunder, muddle through, miscalculate, and have made many a mistake on the journey of transforming our historic house into our home. I'd say, William, get a grip, lighten up, and enjoy the ride! Please know, Scott, that these "respected" people enjoy your perspective. Keep up the great work.
Danika R. S. Dallam
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