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Our April 2009 Letter From This Old House—in which a home builder named William took issue with our editor Scott Omelianuk's far-from-perfect home-improvement skills—got quite a response. Most of you took Scott's side, and here's what some you had to say:

Let me preface this by saying that in 47 years I have never written a company, let alone an editor, about anything. My husband and I love your magazine and especially your letter. Your human side is the best! Poor William was probably having a really bad "measure once, cut twice" kind of day. Keep up the good work; we'll continue to enjoy.
Barb and Tom Reinard

I'm afraid William needs to climb down off his hobbyhorse and get a grip. For me, I'd much prefer a less-than-perfect editor for a wonderful magazine like This Old House because you look for the kinds of things that we less-than-perfect readers would like to know. In fact, TOH is probably the wonderful world that it is because of your less-than-perfect outlook. In other words, as the TOH editor, you get my vote from this corner of the less-than-perfect peanut gallery.
Bonnie Ricks

No matter what William said about you, I respect you. And so does my husband.
Jennifer DeLucia

William is the only person I have heard of who never messed up a DIY project. I like you best, Scott—you're more human. Your letter is the first one I read; it makes me and my husband feel warm and cozy since we both argue over who is going back to the store to get "that thing we need." So don't listen to William; most of us DIY people use your insights as therapy.
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