Slab vs. prehung?
Prehung doors come hinged to a weather-stripped frame, eliminating the need to square the door in its jamb, and with holes already bored for a lockset. They're best for new construction (below), when rough framing is exposed. Slab doors, sold without hinges and often with no lockset boring, are generally used to replace existing doors when jamb and trim are in place.

What's it cost?
A stock slab door at a home center starts at $150, a prehung around $400. Custom prehung doors can run more than three times that, starting at about $1,500.

What's the warranty?
Defects in materials or construction are covered for two to five years. The factory finish is usually warranteed against failure for two years.

How much care?
Sunlight is the number-one finish killer, causing clear coats to degrade and paint pigments to fade. Sand and recoat varnished doors every year, polyurethaned doors every other year. Painted doors should get fresh coats every five to six years.
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