On Extension Ladders

Moving an Extension Ladder

• To raise the ladder into place, lay it on the ground with the feet braced against the side of the house, then walk it upright hand over hand. Once the ladder is as close to vertical as possible, walk the base out to create the proper 75-degree angle.

• Dig out the ground to make sure the feet are level.

• Remove all tools and materials from the ladder before moving it.

Working on an Extension Ladder

• Don’t climb higher than the fourth rung from the top (there should be three above you).

• Never bounce or "walk" the top of a ladder to the right or left to extend your reach.

• Use wood or fiberglass—not aluminum—ladders anywhere near power lines.

• Your hands should be free to ascend or descend.

• Always face the ladder when ascending or descending.

• Wear a toolbelt, including a holster or hook for power tools, or raise and lower materials and tools with a rope.

• Keep your hips centered between the vertical side rails; don’t overreach to either side.

• Wear shoes with well-defined heels (not sneakers) and be sure shoes are clean before climbing.

Stepping onto the Roof

• Be sure the ladder extends 3 feet above the point of contact.

• Hold the ladder securely with both hands and swing one leg around to step off onto the roof.

• To get back onto the ladder, hold it and swing a leg onto the rung while facing the roof; never step over the top rung or attempt to go down with your back to the ladder.
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