Replacing Doors & Drawers

Doors and drawers are often the first parts of an aging kitchen to go. If veneer is chipped and joints are opening up, it might be easier to replace these components than to repair and paint them.

Drawer boxes, doors and other components all can be ordered by mail and used to update old cabinets. Available in many wood species and designs, doors are sold by the square foot and are relatively inexpensive. For example, an 18-in.-wide by 24-in.-tall paint-grade door in poplar—an inexpensive species that holds paint well—-costs $39 at Scherr's Cabinet and Doors in East Minot, North Dakota, one of many companies in the cabinet component business (you'll find a list at, the site of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association). Doors can be ordered predrilled for European-style cup hinges.

Solid-wood and Baltic-birch plywood dovetailed drawers come unassembled, assembled or assembled and finished. If you order new drawers, you might consider adding new drawer slides as well. They range from about $6 a pair for basic epoxy-coated steel to about $20 for full-extension slides that run smoothly and quietly on ball bearings. They are widely available from woodworking catalogs, building-supply yards and home centers.

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