Garage, Basement, Workroom
If there isn't any space on the inside of the door to the garage, consider the garage itself. Stackable bins with lids can be flipped open to add recyclables and locked closed. They are inexpensive, washable and don't take up much floor space. Put them on wheels with an inexpensive trolley or dolly and they're also easy to move to the curb for collection.
Translucent containers make it easier for you to see contents at a glance. Pick colorful containers instead. But do remember to label the containers for the specific material, such as glass or plastic. No matter what the material or color, be sure to choose containers that close securely, especially if you leave your garage door open. Otherwise, smells can attract animals.
The basement, workroom or hobby room can also be used to store washed recyclables if it is near either the kitchen or outdoor garbage cans. Another option, if your kitchen is above your basement or garage, is a chute or multiple chutes from the kitchen to storage containers below. The chutes can be made of large-diameter PVC pipe or rigid stainless steel. Obviously, this configuration is not appropriate for glass items. Remember, the more "finished" the space, the more important the look of the recycling containers.
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