To Save Energy, Go Online

Okay, your computer burns some energy, but it turns out to be darn handy for researching how to slash your power bills. At This Old House, we rely on sites such as these that feature interactive tools to help us figure out where we're being wasteful—and how to make changes that add up to savings.

For All-Around Know-how
Energy Star
Among many useful features on this EPA and Department of Energy site is a tool called ENERGYSTAR@home, an interactive graphic that guides you on changes room by room.

For Auditing Yourself
Home Energy Saver
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's energy calculator prompts you to fill out a questionnaire about your house, then churns out a detailed profile of your energy use and tips on reducing it.

For Remodeling Advice
Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor
Enter info about your renovation plans into the rehab advisor and get back suggestions on making your project more energy-efficient, with estimated costs and payback period.

For Decoding Your Power Bill
Consumer Power Inc.
A calculator on this website helps you break down your energy bill appliance by appliance so that you can pinpoint and correct problem areas—maybe it's time to get rid of that second fridge, after all.
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