TOH Staffers Have Regrets, Too

Yes, we confess: Even This Old House staffers occasionally screw up in the remodel arena. But we're passing the wisdom on, so you don't need to learn the hard way.

Cabinets that rise to the ceiling are great, but only if you have an easy way to access them. I wish I had one of those nifty stepstools that slides into a cabinet toekick, so I wouldn't have to drag over a chair every time I need to get something from a high shelf. —Laura Goldstein, Executive Editor

I wish I had checked the color of the painted cabinets I selected in the actual light of my kitchen, not in the lighting of the store. I thought I was getting a cream finish and instead the cabinets are beige. Considering that cabinets are a major component of a kitchen remodel, I should have taken the time to bring the samples home and look at them in the environment in which I planned to install them. —Leslie Monthan, Copy Chief

In a house with children, stainless steel appliances are impossible to keep clean: Our refrigerator constantly has little handprints all over it. Another funny thing about stainless: Refrigerator magnets don't stick to it. So if you want to display your kids' artwork, you need a bulletin board. —Mark Powers, Technical Editor

I wish I had chosen an undermount sink and a chrome, single-stem faucet: The white finish on the faucet we picked looks crummy and it's hard to clean around the edges of the drop-in sink and deck-mounted handles and spout. And I should have tiled the backsplash. Painted walls are really hard to keep clean. —Thomas Baker, Building Technology Editor
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