10 uses magazines
Don Penny/TIME INC. Digital Studio: Courtesy of Damon Bopp
You've often told us that you save every issue of This Old House, but when the pile of glossies on your nightstand gets too tall, use them elsewhere

1. Store extension cords. Secure a rolled-up magazine with tape, then wrap an extension cord around it to keep it from tangling.

2. Line a pond. Before adding a liner, place a thick layer of magazine pages over the surface of the excavated area to keep rocks and roots from puncturing the liner. (Newspaper works, too.)

3. Keep glass paint-free. Who needs tape? Before painting window muntins, wet the edges of magazine pages and press them onto the panes, edges against the muntins. After painting, the paper peels off easily.

4. Protect work surfaces. Line your worktable and the floor beneath it with magazine pages for easy cleanup after a messy job.

5. Wrap a present. Why pay for gift wrap? Recycle colorful pages from old magazines instead.

6. Improvise an end table. Stack magazines inside a cardboard box, seal the box with tape, and then glue magazine pages, fabric, or wallpaper to the outside.

7. Line your drawers. Use heavyweight magazine pages to keep drawer bottoms clean.

8. Use as a trivet. Slide a magazine under a hot pot or dish to protect your tabletop.

9. Make boot trees. Roll up a couple of magazines and put them inside tall boots while they dry.

10. Elevate a plant. Potted plant too short for a planter? Pile magazines at the bottom of the planter, and put the pot on top.
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