Don't Fall for These Contractor Lines
Photo: Hylah Hill
1. “This offer expires today.”
Most bids are good for 30 days so clients can mull over decisions and get loans.

2. “You get a rebate if we use your house as a model for our work.”
A sales gimmick, this price is usually higher than the quote you’d get elsewhere.

3. “I’ll give you a price just from looking.”
Bids come in writing, and only after careful inspection. If you don’t know what the bid is based on, how can you negotiate a better deal?

4. “I don’t give out contact information for past customers.”
A good contractor is happy to provide references. Just be sure to follow up and confirm that those clients are satisfied with the work.

5. “A simple handshake will do.”
Get it in writing. A contract protects both you and your contractor should something go wrong.

6. “I’ll cut you a deal if you pay with cash.”
A contractor can reduce his rate by not reporting your payment as income and, therefore, by not paying taxes. This is fraud.

7. “You’ll have to get the work permits.”
A contractor who can’t get permits for a job probably isn’t licensed in your area, or his license was revoked.

8. “For an extra fee, I’ll give you a warranty.”
Guarantees are built into most contracts at no charge and cover the work for a specified period, usually one year.
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