Water-Resistant Speakers

What's a home theater setup without surround sound? For the ultimate in shower sing-alongs, there's Kohler's new SoundTile speakers. Designed to be installed directly in the shower, these 4-by-4-inch "tiles" have sleek metallic finishes to match plumbing fixtures, and guts from high-end speaker manufacturer Polk Audio.

If you don't need your speakers to match your faucets, then marine-grade speakers will do the trick. These come in a variety of sizes and can be wall-mounted or recessed. Because of the generally small footprint and challenging acoustics of bathrooms, the best place for speakers is in the ceiling, where sound will be evenly dispersed throughout the room. Unfortunately, that's also where you're likely to run into lights, vents, and wiring. If you can't fit a pair of speakers, invest in a stereo-input speaker, which combines two high-frequency tweeters and a bass-delivering subwoofer in one unit.

To really soak up the sounds, though, you'll need the Stereo H20 bathtub from MTI Whirlpools. Acoustic transducers embedded in the shell actually turn the entire tub into one big speaker. The integral amplifier can be connected to your iPod, stereo, or home theater system, so you can literally feel the music or absorb the sounds of the football game or movie playing on the screen.

As extravagant as all this entertainment technology may be, it has a side benefit. Once you've got the setup installed, you'll never again have trouble getting your kids to take a bath.

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