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Husky 5-in-1 Professional Drywall Tool, about $15; Home Depot
If your next project involves dissecting drywall, you no longer need to drop $25 on the requisite trifecta of tools: blade, rasp, and saw. Husky's drywall multitool contains all three of those, plus two more you might find very useful. And all this for a cool 10 bucks less than buying each one separately.

1. Tube Punch
Handy for clearing out an opening clogged with caulk. Not rocket science, but it's a thoughtful add-on and better than our default tool for the job: a wire coat hanger.

2. Keyhole Saw
Just switch to this conveniently stashed blade to rough out those midpanel openings for electrical boxes or light fixtures.

3. Screw Pull
If you've ever missed the stud and had a screw slip away into the wall, you'll appreciate this miniature pry bar that slips under the screw head and lets you back it out. Sure beats scraping your fingertips.

When you inevitably cut a panel that's slightly too large, this little rasp is abrasive enough to shave it down so you don't need to wrestle it into place.

5. Utility Blade
It locks in place and is easy to change.

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