Haskell's Easy Ideas for Special Effects

1. Put on an all black outfit and place yourself against a black backdrop.
2. Decorate the back of your outfit with something big and colorful that could be sitting on a table, like a flower display or place setting; make sure it covers the back of your arms as well.
3. Lie your face down on the coffee table so that it looks like table decorations.
4. When people pass by you lift up and scare them good.

Bouncing Bridge
1. Take a piece of plywood and affix plunger heads to it (suction facing down) all the way up and down the bottom of it.
2. Make this a path in your home. It becomes a squishy, wobbly easy effect.

Exterior Facelift
1. Paint your face completely black and video-tape yourself against a black background.
2. Do interesting things with your eyes and mouth.
3. Put it in a tree across the street—or ask your neighbor across the street to let you use an upstairs room and point the projector out the window.
4. Project the video onto your house, lining up your eyes with the upstairs windows and your mouth with the door. It will make it seem like your house has come to life!
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