Committing such an eccentric piece of design in public is guaranteed to make people question your sanity. Your builder will look at the plans, look at you, look back at the plans, and look at you again, over and over. And your neighbors will see you for the pathetic architecture victims you've become.

From their perspective, the best thing about our place is that it's invisible. We're set way back on a long, curving driveway obscured by trees. Nonetheless, I can tell it makes some people unhappy just knowing this alien interloper has alighted back here. Ours is the house everyone mentions when asked why the village suddenly felt the need to set up an architectural review board.

The steel skin seems to bother folks most of all. Once, when my sister-in-law made a comment about it, I asked what was on the outside of her house. "Aluminum siding," she said, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. People do wonder about it though, so let me answer some of the standard questions right off the bat:

1) It's fine in summer. It has regular walls underneath with insulation and everything, although on sunny days the reflections sometimes vaporize the geraniums.
2) That's why we have lightning rods every few feet along the roof. So far, so good.
3) Because they were out of beige vinyl at the home center that day
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