toilet seat
Photo: Keate
Brondell's Breeza
Back in the day, toilet seats had a simple purpose: They were meant for sitting. But it's a futuristic world we live in now, full of invention and technology and gizmos that make the newest seats look as much UFO as utilitarian fixture. Seriously, manufacturers are now offering computerized, retrofittable units that glow in the dark, ventilate, deodorize, and even eliminate the need for toilet paper. (No, that's not a typo.) All you need is plenty of cash (they ain't cheap), a power source (batteries or an outlet, depending on the make), and a certain amount of bravery (the no-TP-needed-models spray water and blow air).

Brondell’s Breeza. Approx. $130, is the bargain option—no highfalutin hygienic services, just two D batteries running a deodorizing fan in the base.

Kohler's C3-200. Approx. $1,300, combines cleansing action with lights under the seat—so it doubles as a night-light.

Toto's Washlet S300. Approx. $1,300, is wired to shoot cleansing jets of water at your front and back and provide air drying for a TP-free finish.

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