television in the mirror in the bathroom vanity
Seura's sleek vanity television mirror
Average retail cost: $2,800
If you're one of the estimated 90 million people holding it in and then rushing to the loo during the Superbowl's 30-minute halftime, you can set up audio and visual equipment in the bath to make sure you don't miss that once-in-lifetime play—even after chugging a Big Gulp.

It might take some extra wiring to get a grounded outlet in the right place, but flat-screen TVs, like Sony’s Bravia panel or Panasonic's new plasma screens, will let you keep up with the score while being otherwise indisposed. Just make sure to install on a wall that's splashing-distance from your shower, tub or sink. For small bathrooms, do double duty and fend off dampness by placing your screen into a wall recess and then covering with a specially made two-way mirror that you seal in place with silicone caulk. When the TV's off, all you’ll see is your reflection.

For something simpler, install a ready-to-go unit like one of Seura'ssleek vanity television mirrors. The HDTV's can be fully integrated with your home's satellite, cable and home automation systems and come in several sizes, allowing for easy retrofitting. If your TV is far from your favorite spot or enclosed in the wall, top off your bathroom entertainment system with a set of waterproof speakers, like Kohler's new SoundTiles or Axiom Audio's outdoor-rated Algonquin. That way, you don’t miss a minute of the game even when you’re in the shower.
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