Our Favorite Appeals

TOH TV's producers reach out to pros across the country during their project searches, but it's the homeowners, as much as their house, that help determine who makes the cut. Here's a look at some of producer Deborah Hood's favorite winning appeals.

East Boston, 2006
Hood was attracted to the modest project, but what really sold her was the exuberant personalities of owners Chris Flynn and Liz Bagley—and their sentimental pitch. "Purchasing the house with my aunt...just felt right—we are able to keep it in the family and celebrate more special times with our loved ones," wrote Liz. "'A person travels the world to see what he/she needs, then comes home to find it....' I feel like this quote best describes my life—traveling and living in many parts of the globe, but always knowing that I would end up in East Boston," wrote Chris, who also sent the appeal depicted in Slide 2 from Hawaii.

Austin, 2006
Michele Grieshaber's e-mail to Hood about plans she and Michael Klug had for her Craftsman was less emotional, but all the right points were there. "It was a small house, a historic neighborhood, a family who was committed to doing a green renovation," Hood says. "I was elated...I thought, This is IT!" One talk with Michele sealed the deal.

Cambridge, 2005
A Modern house wouldn't have been the show's first choice, but Hood felt George Mabry's pitch was "incredibly well thought out." As he wrote, "In the 12 years since I bought the house, it's been tough figuring out what to do with it. Modern architecture was never my favorite, but I've come to accept that it's the only thing that feels honest both to the existing house and the land." And TOH agreed.

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