Environmentally savvy brokers can be a boon for sellers, especially those who have invested money in energy-saving improvements and other efficient features. "We show them there are agents out there who can appreciate their green houses and effectively market them," Beldock says. After all, if a homeowner sinks $15,000 into solar panels, he'll want to reap the benefit when it comes time to sell. And if prospective buyers don't know diddly about solar, they'll have a hard time comprehending what might seem like an inflated asking price. A broker who's well-versed in the topic can elaborate on the long-term financial benefits of solar energy and explain why it might end up saving the new homeowners a boatload of money in the long run.

Green brokers are also hip to subtle features other agents might overlook. When Mark Wheeler was showing a bungalow in Portland, Oregon, he enticed potential buyers by telling them about the native vegetation, which is easy to maintain and conserves water, and the local recycling program. While the eventual buyers were initially attracted to the family-friendly neighborhood, "they were also stoked about the green stuff," Wheeler says.

If you're a hard-core greenie looking to build your own environmentally conscious dream house, one of these pros can help you there, too. Atlanta-based EcoBroker Jennifer Spivey is working with client Eric Gilkesson to find just the right parcel for his modular green house. "Jennifer knows a lot about land management issues," Gilkesson says. "She knows what to look for in terms of things like drainage. She examines the trees and vegetation and checks for disease. If it doesn't look healthy to her, she'll do the research to figure out why."
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