Solar System Tear Sheet

What It is: A way to supplement the supply of domestic hot water using the energy of the sun.

How It Works: Fluid flowing through an outdoor collector captures the sun's heat and carries it indoors to a storage tank.

Why You'd Want One: Cuts the cost of hot water by two-thirds as it reduces reliance on fossil fuels. Produces no greenhouse gases.

What to Look For:

Closed loop system: Circulates freeze-proof fluid through the system without touching potable water.
Open-loop system: Circulates potable water. Only practical in frost-free climates.
SRCC Approved: Solar Rating and Certification Corporation independently certifies and rates the efficiency of solar hot-water systems.

What It Costs: $5,000 to $9,000 installed, depending on size and type. Tax credits and utility incentives may offset some costs, if the system is SRCC certified.

Where to Find It: Viessmann Manufacturing Co. Inc.

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