What's in a Wall

The clear pine frame, 11/8-inch thick and 21/8-inch wide, was ripped from stock sold as "five-quarter by 6-inch." The butt joint is fastened with 3-inch drywall screws. Where screws show, Tom used 21/2-inch trim screws, which have narrower heads. From the bottom up, the wall-tightening mechanism consists of a self-stick felt pad to prevent slippage, a furniture leveler, two 1/4-inch nuts, one of which has wings to grip the wood. Tom used furniture levelers with 15/16-inch legs but wished he'd gotten longer ones to allow for more adjustment. Tom drilled a 5/16-inch diameter hole to accommodate the outer width of the wing nut and screw portion of the leveler. As a further safeguard against leveler slippage, Tom drilled a shallow depression into the coaster, which also protects the carpet.
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