Fixtures and Fittings
Adding another basin in the bath presents a great opportunity to upgrade components. Sinks
Perhaps the most obvious one is the sinks or lavs themselves. Although you'll probably have to buy two basins to get a matched pair, you have a wide choice of materials and mounting styles. Vitreous china, porcelain over cast iron and solid surfacing are the most popular choices in bath lavs. Mounting options include self-rimming, undermount, integral-basin and abovecounter styles. Self-rimming is the most common and typically the least expensive when installation costs are figured in. Undermount lavs and integral-basin units are sleek and easy to clean (there's no rim to get in the way), but they come with higher price tags. Another option is to buy a vanity top with integral bowls in solid surfacing or synthetic marble. Vanities Another obvious upgrade is replacing (or adding) a vanity. As in the kitchen, counter heights are no longer being dictated by manufacturers. More and more, vanities are being customized according to how they work and who uses them. In baths where floor and storage space are at a premium, homeowners are opting for cabinets taller than the once-standard 32-in. units. Higher vanities not only keep taller users from having to bend over, but they also help keep toiletries from being splashed and can be home to extra storage. You may also want to consider a lower vanity top, which is great for tasks done better while seated, such as applying makeup. Faucets
Another related improvement is coordinating the hardware on the two sinks. Faucet and handle packages (collectively called the "lav set") come in three configurations. On a single-control set, the faucet and a lever or knob regulating the water flow and temperature are combined. On a center-set control, there are separate hot- and cold-water handles sharing a common base with the faucet. In a spread-fit control, the three components—faucet and two water controls—are wholly separate. The type of lav set you'll use will be determined by the number and position of the holes in your sinks. When selecting a model, remember it should be easy to operate with slippery, soapy hands. Deciding what styles suit you and your bathroom is Phase 1 of the fun; Phase 2 is enjoying the convenience of your new second sink.
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