Hand-Held Showerheads Some showerheads are attached to 4- to 6-ft.-long hoses that let you direct the spray as well as wash the dog or rinse down shower walls. With these, you have the option of placing the head in a holder on the shower arm or holding it in your hand. Most have adjustable spray settings. "Try before you buy" is good advice for anyone considering a hose-mounted showerhead, according to Antozak. "You don't have to get wet, but it is important to see how securely the showerhead fits in its holder, and if the holder can be adjusted to direct the spray where you want it," she says. Also, you might want to check out some of the newer hose-mounted showerheads with handles that are cushioned or textured for easier handling when wet. Teledyne Water Pik's Adjustable Shower Massage Shower-head ($29), for example, has an easy-to-hold cushioned, D-type handle. The showerhead fits in a holder mounted on the shower arm. Hose and bar systems consist of a vertical bar (24-, 36- and 48-in. lengths are available), a hose-mounted, handheld showerhead and a showerhead holder that can be adjusted up and down on the bar. Height adjustment combined with handheld operation make this setup suitable for anyone, including children and the disabled. And they allow you to shower without getting your hair wet. The InTouch II system from Ondine Interbath offers the range of bar and handset options Antozak often recommends in shower upgrades. "It's an a -la- carte system of bar-mounted accessories," she says. "There's a soap dish with slots for water drainage, a shower basket for shampoo, a V-shelf for sponges and toothpaste and a no-fog mirror with 2x magnification." Prices start at around $250. The bars on these systems must be securely fastened to the shower wall, a process that often includes drilling through ceramic tile. The products come with instructions.
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