Straight-stop Valve Sinks plumbed with copper pipe are even easier to upgrade. In this case, we attached a straight-stop valve to the pipe stub with a compression fitting. Start by removing the water-supply tube and loosening the lower compression nut with a wrench. Lift out the old adapter fitting and set it aside (step 1). You won't be able to remove the old compression nut because the crushed ferrule will keep it locked in place, but that's not a problem. The new valve will connect right onto the existing nut and ferrule.
First, brush pipe-joint compound onto the valve threads and then press the valve onto the pipe stub coming through the floor of the sink cabinet (step 2). Next, pull up on the compression nut and thread it onto the valve. Finish tightening the nut using two wrenches (step 3); be careful not to overtighten the nut, or the fitting will leak. Finally, reconnect the supply tube to the valve and faucet, then turn the water back on. If you find a slight leak, tighten the compression nut a little more. 1. Lift out the old adapter after first loosening the bottom compression nut with an adjustable wrench. 2. Replace the old adapter with a new straight-stop valve. Coat the valve threads with pipe-joint compound. 3. While backholding the valve body, tighten the old compression nut about one revolution past finger tight.
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