3 Front Yard Tips From Landscape Pros

1. Choose plants that are in scale with your home.
Remember to consider the mature plant size, because large-growing trees and shrubs can hide windows and take over the entire yard. In the garden above, a deep planting bed features low-growing dwarf conifers that won't block the windows and won't need pruning to keep their shape.

2. Select a landscape style that is appropriate to your climate.
An informal desert-style landscape of cacti and succulents clearly complements a Southwestern stucco home and the surrounding terrain. The same style would look out of place with a rustic coastal cottage. Using plants native to the region, or from similar climates, helps complete the picture.

3. Pick landscaping materials that go with your house
Repeating an architectural feature, structural materials or even decorative elements can help tie the house and garden together. The white picket fence and arbor complement the house trim and dormers.
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