Looks like a normal front door
Believe it or not, the photo shown at left is of two garage doors. When the homeowners press a button, what looks like part of the exterior wall of their home pivots up to reveal a garage. It's a GarageScape system from Cybiag. "This is a good way to turn something that may not be pleasing to the eye into something that blends with the exterior," says Tom Lyons, president Cybiag, which stands for "Can You Believe It's a Garage?"
The door system works like this: A general contractor builds a wall section into a garage opening that matches the rest of the house. The contractor can add stucco, siding, windows, passage doors?anything goes. An authorized Cybiag installer then puts in motors, cables, electronics and other mechanisms to lift the section.
The basic opening device costs $3,900, with installed costs averaging $5,000 to $6,000. Dealers are scattered among several states, but the doors are available nationwide. Find a dealer and check out the eye-popping demonstration online at www.cybiag.com MORE INFO.:
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