8. Central Prairies and Plains


• Big bluestem Andropogon gerardii: Showy summer and fall. Sun. Dry. 3 feet.
• Buffalograss Bouteloua dactyloides: Good turf grass. Tolerates clay soil. Sun. Dry. 6 inches.
• Indian grass Sorghastrum nutans: Rust-colored seed heads. Sun. Moderate water. 4 feet.

• Meadow blazing star Liatris pycnostachya: Spikes of purple flowers in late summer. Sun. Moderate water. 4 feet.
• Downy phlox Phlox pilosa: Five-petal pink-lavender blossoms in early summer. Sun. Moderately moist to dry soil. 2 feet.
• Butterfly weed Asclepias tuberose: Orange-red flowers attract butterflies. Interesting seed pods. Sun. Dry. 2 feet.
• Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta: Yellow flowers form in second year. Partial sun. Dry to moist soil. 2½ feet.
• Large-flowered beardtongue Penstemon grandiflorus : Pink to purple flowers in early summer. Sun. Dry to moderately dry soil. 3 feet.
• Hoary puccoon Lithospermum canescens: The name refers to the white hairs on leaves. Yellow flowers. Sun. Dry to moderately damp soil. 1½ feet
• Aromatic Aster Aster oblongifolius: Sky blue flowers in September. Sun. Moderately dry to medium moisture. 3 feet.

University of Minnesota Extension

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