5. California Grasslands, Chaparral, and Woodland

• Deergrass Muhlenbergia rigens: Similar to pampas grass but shorter. Plumes 2 feet long. Sun or partial shade. Dry. 4½ feet


• Bush anemone Carpenteria californica: Clusters of scented white flowers in late spring and summer. Sun to shade. Low to moderate water. 6 feet.
• Hummingbird trumpet Epilobium canum: Orange-red flowers in fall attract hummingbirds migrating south for winter. Sun to partial shade. Dry. 2 feet.
• California lilac Ceanothus sp.: Lilac-type blossoms. Varieties range from groundcovers to tree size. Sun. No summer water. 21 feet.
• Western sweetshrub Calycanthus occidentalis: Fragrant flowers spring through summer. Woody fruit capsules. Sun to partial shade. Little to moderate water. 15 feet.
• Twinberry honeysuckle Lonicera involucrata: Pairs of yellow flowers draw hummingbirds. Sun or shade. Moist. 10 feet.
• Chaparral currant Ribes malvaceum: Showy pink flowers October to March. Leaves smell like peppermint. Sun to partial shade. No summer water. 5 feet.

• Matilija poppy Romneya coulteri: Large "crepe paper" flowers. Can be invasive. Sun. Dry. 8 feet.
• Scarlet monkeyflower Mimulus cardinalis: Blooms most of the year. Attracts hummingbirds. Sun or shade. Moderate water. 2½ feet.
• Yellow mariposa lily Calochortus luteus: Bowl-shape yellow flowers 2½ inches wide. Sun to partial shade. No summer water. 1½ feet.

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