4. Sierran Foothills and Alpine Vegetation

• Pine bluegrass Poa scabrella: Fine, dark-green leaves. Forms clumps. Sun to partial shade. Moderate moisture. 3 feet.

• California redbud Cercis orbiculata: Magenta flowers. Heart-shape leaves. Sun. Dry once established. 20 feet.
• Desert peach Prunus andersonii: Pink flowers develop into brownish fruit. Sun. Dry. 6 feet.
• Big Basin sagebrush Artemisia tridentata:Bluish-gray foliage. Sun. Dry. 9 feet

• Mountain pride penstemon Penstemon newberryi: Red tubular flowers attract hummingbirds. Sun to partial shade. Dry. 1 foot.

• Sagebush penstemon Penstemon speciosus: Brilliant blue flowers. Sun. Dry. 30 inches.
• Douglas' dustymaiden Chaenactis douglasii: Clusters of white flowers attract butterflies. Sun to partial shade. Dry. 1½ feet
• Sulfur buckwheat Eriogonum umbellatum: Forms a mound with long-lasting yellow flowers. Sun. Dry. 1 foot
• Western columbine Aquilegia formosa: Red and yellow flowers attract swallowtail butterflies. Sun. Moderate moisture. 3 feet.
• Rainbow iris Iris hartwegii Baker: Light-yellow flowers have golden or purple veins. Sun to shade. Moist. 1 foot.
• Pink alumroot Heuchera rubescens: Sprays of pink flowers. Shade to partial sun. Moist. 3 inches.

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