10. Boreal Forests

• Highbush cranberry Viburnum opulus var. americanum: Masses of white flowers, followed by edible red fruit. Sun to part shade. Moist. 12 feet.
• Highbush blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum: Berries enjoyed by people and birds. Sun. Moist. 6 feet.
• Canadian yew Taxus canadensis: Evergreen, provides good cover for birds. Shade to partial shade. Moist soil. 6 feet.
• Sweetgale Myrica gale : Dark green, aromatic leaves. Sun. Moist to dry. 4 feet.

• Marsh marigold Caltha palustris: Showy yellow flowers in early spring. Sun to part shade. Wet to moist soil. 12 inches.
• Solomon's seal Polygonatum pubescens: A lily with gracefully arching stems and bell-shaped flowers. Shade to partial shade. Moist. 12 inches.
• New England aster Symphyotrichum novae-angliae: Deep purple flowers in fall. Sun to partial shade. Moist to dry. 24 inches.
• Bunchberry Cornus canadensis : Related to dogwood trees, but groundcover height. Shade to partial sun. Moist. 6 inches.


• Maidenhair fern Adiantum pedatum: Graceful black stems. Shade to partial sun. Moist. 18 inches.
• Marginal wood fern Dryopteris marginalis: Blue-green fronds. Shade to partial sun. Moist to dry. 24 inches.

University of Maine Cooperative Extension

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