Down-to-Earth Dining
In addition to her duties as senior design consultant, Alexa took on the decorating for the dining room—a bit of a design challenge, she admits. "I think everybody would love a proper dining room," she says. "The trick is to do it right: just elegant enough to feel special, but not so formal as to be stiff and forbidding."

The bare room is tall and somewhat angular, capped by the asymmetrical cathedral ceiling. Alexa uses shiny linen damask on the walls to soften the tone of the room. It's framed with battens painted to match the wood trim to give "a sense of cohesion to the eccentrically shaped space," Alexa says. Although dining room damasks are traditionally red (thought to be a good color to stimulate the appetite), Alexa went with a terra-cotta color for a modern twist. She chose a mahogany dining table with an X-frame because it's reminiscent of the barn's timbers. The camelback dining chairs are upholstered in a velvet to match the walls. The silk curtains are a terra-cotta-and-off-white vertical stripe, and the wool rug is terra-cotta and sand. "I wanted the room to be sophisticated yet fun," Alexa says. That's the spirit that is evident in so many of the rooms and in the attitudes of the dozens of professionals that are working long hours to complete the house.

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