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Please cancel my subscription to your magazine and give me back my husband! Okay guys, I know I sound melodramatic, but my husband spends almost every spare moment "projecting": He supervised building our bulkhead on our wedding day; painted on the day our daughter was born; gutted the kitchen Memorial Day weekend; built ducts to the furnace this past Thanksgiving Day. Every weekend, every vacation day, even sick days are dedicated to projects.

I have tried to lure him back to the family by helping with projects, by boycotting projects, by slipping him alcohol, by cooking extravagant meals, by boycotting cooking, by Victoria's Secret negligees, by begging, by yelling, by planning family outings, and by explaining that our daughter needs his attention. Nothing works.

I am in awe of my husband's home-improvement skills, and I am grateful that he works so diligently to make a lovely place for our family. But I'm tired of trying to stay out of the house all weekend so he can "project" without interruption.

Please advise both me and my husband.

-Lonely in N.Y.
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