Power-Tool Care Checklist

Every time you use a tool...

-Brush, vacuum, or wipe off dust; the same goes for battery chargers.

-Inspect power cords for nicks; replace cords with frayed jackets or exposed wires.

-Check that all moving parts work smoothly.

-Tighten any loose screws or bolts; put a drop of Loctite on the thtreads to keep them in place.

-Test a circular saw's blade brake; it should stop the blade when you release the trigger.

At the end of the year...

-Look for cracks in motor housing; don't use a tool with cracks larger than a hairline.

-Lubricate parts where metal rubs on metal.

-File any nicks in the shoe plates of jigsaws and circular saws.

-Flatten bent shoes with Vise-Grips; use a combination square to check that the shoe is perpendicular to the blade.

-Follow the instruction sin each tool's manual for specific maintenance procedures.
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