The Aspiring Film Critic
There's no better gift for the digitally inclined than a personalized home-theater plan from one of the pros certified by the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association. The only danger is, once your beloved tech head settles into a room equipped with the latest tech toys, he (or she) may never come out. Includes in-house consultation and design plans. Prices vary;

1. Hi-Definition TV
Even if you're the last one to the Super Bowl party with the worst seat in the house, you'll still be able to see the game on this 37-inch Aquos, thanks to a 176-degree viewing range. About $2,400;

2. Single-Speaker Surround Sound
Forget about snaking wire and cutting holes in the walls. Through sound-bending technology, this single unit delivers true five-speaker surround sound . About $950 for surround bar; $240 for optional subwoofer;

3. Houses on Film
Fire up your new system and feel smug watching The Money Pit, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, and other classic tales of renovations gone wrong. About $9-$15 each;

4. Amplifier and DVD Player
The DVD player uses spy-satellite technology to enhance picture clarity; the receiver has connections for an iPod dock or an XM-satellite radio receiver. Amplifier, About $1,100; DVD player, About $849;

5. Wireless Touchscreen Remote
Changing channels and running the DVD? That's child's play for this remote, which can display your entire movie and music collection (with cover art), control your HVAC and security systems, even take you Web surfing. About $5,000;

6. In-House Concession Stand
Now you can quaff a Chianti and savor your fava beans in your new home theater without even having to pause that psychological thriller. About $2,900;

7. Gourmet Popcorn
It's a snack for the popcorn connoisseur. These rare microfarmed kernels come in jewellike colors, but pop up white as snow. About $5—$7 each;
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