The Armchair Architect
If you could fill a portfolio with back-of-the-napkin building sketches, then maybe it's time you tried your hand at the real thing. Channel the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright in the master's very own Oak Park, Illinois, drafting studio, under the tutelage of disciples. At the end of the four-session workshop, you'll have frameable floor plans for your very own original design. Architecture Fantasy Camp, About $650;

1. Classic Drafting Table
Feel like the real deal at a 1930s-style drafting table, with cast iron base and maple and walnut top. About $7,700;

2. Leather Portfolio
A zip case is perfect for toting sketches, notepads—or an idea-refueling nosh. About $795;

3. 3-D Design Software
It's often said that Wright's creativity outstripped the technology of the day. Imagine what he could have done if he had architectural software, which lets you create floor plans and elevations or turn a digital photo into a traceable template. About $80;

4. Lettering Set
Before the days of computerized lettering, draftsmen used tools like this Leroy lettering set. Now it's a collector's item. About $75;

5. Drafting Tools
The essentials: drafting kit, About $49; set of 7 rapidographs, About $128; 8-in. pencil compass, About $36;

6. Static Stickers
Remember how much you loved Colorforms? Instead of rearranging uniforms on action figures, plant vinyl couches and beds on a real floor plan. About $250;

7. Contractor Calculator
The pros use it to instantly find area, angles, rise, run, and pitch, among dozens of other functions. About $60;

8. Frank Lloyd Wright: The Houses
When you run into a creative roadblock, just hoist up this tome and flip through for a jolt of inspiration. About $47;
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