The weekend woodworker gifts
Photo: Brian Klutch
1. The Soul of a Tree by George Nakashima;
2. Griffin Exotic Wood;
3. Japanese Saw;
4. Wooden Mallet;
5. Chisel Roll;
6. Wood Pen and Pencil;
7. Low-angle Jack Plane;
The Weekend Woodworker
Everyone has a husband, uncle, or sister who disappears into the basement workshop for days, only to emerge with another mailbox or birdhouse. Now you can send them off to learn how to make something useful for a change, at the elbow of woodworker extraordinaire Lonnie Bird, who holds 3- to 6-day classes at his Tennessee school. About $450—$895;

1. The Soul of a Tree
Part woodworking manual, part philosophical journal, this book is as unique as author and woodworking legend George Nakashima's exquisite furniture. About $32;

2. Exotic Wood
From Surinamese snakewood to Laotian spalted tamarind, you won't find a better selection of exotic wood or a more enthusiastic wood man than James Griffin, owner of this small, Web-based supplier. Prices vary;

3. Japanese Saw
With 26 teeth per inch, the dozuki "Z" saw is the tool you need for smooth cuts and precise joinery. About $42;

4. Wooden Mallet
The 11-ounce head, made from layered beech, drives dowels and chisels without marring your craftsmanship. About $44;

5. Chisel Roll
Five hornbeam-handled blades (1/8 to 3/4 inch), plus two extra cocobolo paring handles, all in a leather roll. About $320;

6. Wood Pen and Pencil
Sure, you can write with them. But they're also little instruments of wooden inspiration. About $11 each;

7. Low-angle Jack Plane
This blade's 25-degree angle is ideal for working end grain without tearing the wood. About $199;

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