"Don't hang off your ladder like a monkey" and Other Tips from the Paint Doctor

Bruce Schneider knows paint. He worked as a pro for 12 years befrore taking over training for brush maker Purdy 17 years ago—and in his spare time heads up the apprenticeship program of the Finishing Trades Institute. Here are a few tricks he's learned along the way.

1. To prevent paint spray on baseboards when rolling walls, wipe them down with a wet rag to keep spatter from sticking. When you've finished rolling, run the damp rag along baseboards once more to wipe away any droplets.

2. Breathe out or hold your breath while cutting along trim or where walls meet—"It'll help you keep a straight line." Up high, be sure to stand squarely on your ladder instead of overreaching.

3. When cutting in on textured walls or ceilings, vibrate your hand a little to get bristle tips into uneven surfaces.

4. To avoid fatigue, switch hands when cutting in—think of the brush as an extension of your arm. And don't push too hard when you're rolling.

5. Finally, don't run your brush or roller dry. "When you can see through the paint—what painters call 'holidays'—you've gone too far."
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