Where to find it:

Tiles in first image (from top):

-Rincon liner in Oxygen: $15 per tile
-Clear iridescent Tessera mosaic: $28 per sq. ft.
-Fleet Blue iridescent: 4 in., $4 per tile
-Strata Deco in Oxygen: 2 by 2 in., $4 per tile
-Moonstone Tessera Mosaic: $28 per sq. ft.
-Moonstone flat liner: $10 per tile
-Moonstone tiles: 2 by 2 in., 2 by 4 in., and 4 by 4 in., prices vary
-Braid liner in Oxygen: call dealer for price
-Assorted mosaics: $28-$30 per sq. ft.

All by Oceanside Glass Tile
available through Artistic Tile, New York, NY

Tiles in second image (from top):

-Seaglass bubble tiles: $50 per sq. ft.
Eco-Friendly Flooring
Madison, WI

-5-in. field tile in Aqua Blue; 6-in. field tile in Emerald: $12 per tile
-Stepped fret liner in Emerald: $6 per tile
Aurora Glass
Eugene, OR

*Bottom left:

-Seaglass mosaic tiles: $25 per sq. ft.
Eco-Friendy Flooring

*Bottom right:

-Teardrop tiles in Aqua Blue, Emerald, and Classic Clear: $6 per tile
Aurora Glass


-Crushed seaglass 12-by-12-in. mosaic sheet: $20 per sq. ft.

*Tiles from the top (third image):

-2 by 2 in. in Spruce: $2.40 per tile

*Second row:

-2 by 4 in. in Fern: $3.30 per tile
-2 by 2 in. in Mineral Water: $2.40 per tile

*Third row:

-5 by 5 in. in Cedar and in Pond: $6.40 per tile

*Fourth row:

-4 by 4 in. in Celery: $4.80 per tile
-Diamond in Sunshine: $4 per tile
-4 by 4 in. in Aqua Vida: $6.25 per tile

*Fifth row:

-Triangle in Sand: $3.30 per tile

*Sixth row:

-Breadstick in Cobalt: $6.25 per tile

*Last row:

-Triangle in Honey: $3.30 per tile
-2 by 2 in. in Fern and in Savannah: $2.40 per tile
-Hushpuppy in Aqua Vida: $2 per tile

All by Bedrock Industries
Seattle, WA
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