Attention to detail
The master bath's lighting, a combination of recessed spots and a chandelier, is controlled by individual dimmer switches. Every room is also wired for music, and a pair of heat lamps over the vanity provides post-shower warmth. The floor is stained oak. That's a risk in a room full of water fixtures, but the Bradburys were willing to be extra careful about splashing or dripping.

When it came to decorating, Peggy wanted a living room look, accessorizing with furniture, framed prints, and area rugs. "We didn't want it to feel like a typical, sterile bathroom," she says.

There is little they would change about the space. "We can both be in the room, even be at the vanity, at the same time and still have our privacy," says Peggy. "It's the perfect form of togetherness."
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