A side for each
While the vanity carves the master bath in two, the room isn't divided exactly evenly. Peggy's soaking tub takes up a large chunk of real estate, and her spacious, L-shape closet measures 176 square feet—a good 70 square feet larger than Bob's.

Peggy's closet has open cubicles for shoes, racks for hanging clothes, and shelves for sweaters and T-shirts. There's even a built-in jewelry cabinet and small windows for indirect natural light. But architect Light designed the space for more than storage and dressing. With a love seat, an end table, and a cordless phone, it's also a sitting room. "It's Peggy's one unshared sanctuary in the whole house," he says.

Though smaller than his wife's, Bob's walk-in closet is also well appointed. An antique dresser and two walls of floor-to- ceiling storage hold clothes. As in Peggy's closet, a ceiling fan keeps air circulating, and a window seat, which overlooks the backyard, makes putting on shoes and boots a lot easier.

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